Easter is this weekend. I grew up celebrating Easter, but you know, just in the way of Easter baskets, hunting for eggs, etc.

Easter is so much more to me now. It’s where we get to celebrate, I mean really CELEBRATE what Jesus has done for us. He didn’t have to, but He did, because He loves us so much. He came down from heaven, because He didn’t want heaven without us! He is perfect. He never sinned. And He came down to this sinful, messed up earth. He died a painful death. He was tortured.

…but He ROSE AGAIN!!!!! Thank you, Jesus.

Find a church to go to this Sunday if you don’t go regularly. Hey, come and sit with me. Legacy Christian church.

Friends, don’t just do that. Come the next week. Read your bible. Pray that He would reveal Himself to you. Talk to someone (it can be me!) about who Jesus is. Why we worship Him. You won’t regret it. He is my hope, my joy, and really the only reason I can get up in the morning and have a smile. Everything here is temporary. Your pain, heartache, your anxiety. It’s all going to be gone one day, and we will get to be with Jesus, and worship Him…forever.

Jesus changed my life. He changed everything about my life….ask me about it.



You guys, confession is hard. Sometimes I go through an entire quiet/prayer time without confession, and let me tell you…I most definitely have things to confess.

I took some time to confess today. I mean really confess to Jesus. Every detail I could think of. Confessing specifically. I feel so much better after. He forgives, He loves. I am so thankful for the Hope I have in Jesus. This life can be hard, there’s unexpected things that constantly come up, hardship, fights, etc. but He is always there, and we have eternity to look forward to.

I guess this was pretty random.

60 days

I don’t really know what qualifies as a social media addiction, but I’m pretty sure I have one. That need to post a picture as soon as it happens, to spend any free moment I have mindlessly scrolling, to like and comment on EVERYTHING.

I don’t really know what my fascination with social media is. I think some of it is I love people! I genuinely love seeing what people are up to. I love sharing my life with people.

When I wake up in the middle of the night and my first thought is to scroll through Facebook…I have a problem.

I was doing my quiet time the other day and the Lord told me to give up social media for 60 days. Specifically Facebook and Instagram. I don’t really know why 60 days, but I’m positive he said 60 days. I kinda said “okay God…” and deleted my apps.

Later I was listening to an older song by Big Daddy Weave called Audience of One. (Go look it up!) I was immediately convicted. I want to honor Jesus and do all things for Him, not for the approval of some likes. Hopefully these next 60 days will bring rest and more sweet time with the Lord

My thoughts

So I’m still figuring out how this blog thing works. So excuse me while I learn. 😁 it’s 6:45, I’ve been up with the baby for an hour, thinking of things to be thankful for, even though I’d rather be sleeping….

  • The things I am so fast to complain about, more often than not, I’ve actually prayed for those things to happen. I complain about having to clean, but I’ve prayed for a house, I complain about that thing my husband could just do a little bit better, I prayed forniver 10 years for a husband, I complain about being tired, I prayed for my daughter. Isn’t that absolutely ridiculous?! I’ve really been working on a heart that is overflowing with THANKS.
  • I don’t know that I will ever say I am ready for a second, I hope it “just happens” one day.
  • I don’t want ANY tv, but I’m not applauding myself, I spend way too much time on social media.
  • How different would our brains me if we were never introduced to social media?
  • I honestly feel so lucky to be married to matt. Sometimes I just sit and think to myself “I’m the luckiest girl in the world

The day I cared more about my job than my husband

Before you get married, I feel like you are flooded with marriage advice. Especially in church. You always hear “give your best to your husband” “don’t give him the left overs of your day!” Some of those things are so much easier said than done.

For a little background, me and my husband are complete opposites. Like completely. Believe it or not, he’s actually the clean one. I could leave a can of Dr Pepper out for weeks and not care, but he actually up keeps. Like cleans the shower regularly. That crazy stuff.

We had probably been married about 3 months. I had told him I would clean the shower, and just kept pushing it back. I didn’t think it was a big deal. I mean it’s a shower…who cares?

Well, at the time I was working for someone from church. She called me her assistant. Basically my job was to clean, do her laundry, watch her daughter. I always worked REALLY hard when I was there. I came in eager to make her house look beautiful for her, and try to make her life as stress free as I could.

She had texted me one night after I got off, to tell me what a wonderful job I was doing. How clean her house was, how I always went above and beyond. I was so proud! I showed my husband, and he didn’t really say anything. I shrugged and just told myself “oh, he must be tired.”

The next day, I was called into work. I had also told my husband I would clean the shower that day. I told him I was leaving soon, and that I would clean the shower later. Again.

He seemed upset, so I finally asked if he was mad. He brought up that I had been saying I would do this for a while, but I do everything for the lady I work for.

I turned to him and said well that’s my JOB!! We of course made up and I left. It didn’t hit me till later, I was more worried about pleasing my boss than my husband. This was just a silly part time job, and it wasn’t like I was going to have this as my career.

It’s hard to give our husbands our best at the end of a long Work day, a long Day with the children. But the reward when we do, is oh so great.